From July 22 to August 8, 2019, the Manitoba manhunt in Canada.

A search was made for 2 teenagers suspected of 3 murders.

The suspects had fled into the wilderness of Manitoba Canada.


On august 7 the deseased bodies of the two young man, Bryer Schmegelsky and Kam McLeod were found in the dense bushes near the shore of the Nelson River in Manitoba.



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September 12, 2019

Tob Cohen's sister will be present today at the hearing on the case against Cohen's wife Sarah W.K.

According to the family of Tob Cohen, Cohen discovered that his wife wanted to scam him and then he filed for divorce



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"she had made herself the co-owner of the luxury villa by forging his signature and misusing his personal details without his knowledge. He also discovered that Sarah had protested against the Kenyan citizenship he had applied for and that she would use his money to build a hotel in her native village."



September 11, 2019

Delegation of Dutch police to Kenya due to disappearance of Tob Cohen

Nederlandse politie naar Kenia in zaak Cohen



september 6, 2019

Sarah K.W. remains in custody until September 12. Judge Daniel Ogembo considers this necessary to give authorities the opportunity to complete the investigation into the disappearance of Tob Cohen.

Sarah can go to her villa on Saturday September 7 for a shower and to get some clothes the judge ruled. A visit to her own doctor in a private clinic was rejected by the judge. She can only visit a doctor at the government hospital which she refused.


Tob Cohen, 69, originally from the Netherlands and living in Kenya for years, has been missing since July 20, 2019. The Kenyan wife of the Dutch former CEO of Philips, Sarah W.K.,51, has been arrested on suspicion of involvement in the disappearance of her husband Tob Cohen.


Sarah K.W. was born in Othaya, Kenya, where she lived next to the former president. She owns various bars and restaurants and has very influential friends.








Possibly Tob Cohen's remains would have been set in concrete at a guesthouse under construction in Othaya, Kenya. A total of six people have now been arrested on suspicion of involvement in a possible murder of Tob Cohen.

"A day before he went missing, a letter addressed to the Dutch Embassy in Nairobi and signed by his estranged wife indicated that he (Cohen) was battling depression and often picked fights with those around him."





Tob and Sarah own a villa in Nairobi where the police are currently investigating a possible murder of Tob Cohen