Since the murders there have been various suspicions regarding known criminals but no link has yet been established. 


These known criminals may also be suspect in the Delphi murder case


Paul Etter was a suspect in the abduction and sexual assault of a 26-year old woman

Charles Andrew Eldridge, 46, was arrested during an undercover sting in Union City, Indiana, after he arranged to have sex with a Randolph County Police officer posing as a 13-year-old girl, the Daily Mail reports.

Daniel Nations, 31, was arrested on September 27 by police in Colorado Springs who said his car matched one belonging to a man who had threatened several hikers in the area with a hatchet. Police found a hatchet and a gun in Nation's car, which had expired Indiana plates. 




Libby's sister Kelsi has a twitter account to keep the case up to date















Abby & Libby Memorial Park


Abby and Libby were best friends and both loved sports, music, photography, painting and much more. In memory of the girls, a beautiful park is being created where everyone can be sporty, creative and relaxing.